Aruba climate is so superior that practically anytime of year is a superior time to go to this southern Caribbean island.

Several vacationers attempt to steer clear of the Caribbean's annual hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to November 30. The island of Aruba, situated 15 miles off the coast of Venezuela, is situated just south of the hurricane belt. That implies the island escapes most — but not all — of the worst climate.

It is one particular of the motives why the island has one particular of the highest typical return visits amongst the major Caribbean destinations — along with its stunning beaches, fine dining and various snorkeling and scuba diving spots.

The typical month-to-month higher temperature is practically 89 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Meteorological Service of Netherland Antilles and Aruba. That tends to make Aruba one particular of the warmest destinations in the Caribbean. The typical month-to-month low temperature is 78 degrees.

Rainfall is exceptionally low on Aruba — only 16 inches in total for the year and much less than 1.four inches per month. A big component of that rain is in the fall.

Caribbean climate is identified for its warmth, but the island is warmer than most due to the fact of its closer place to the equator than most of the islands. That warmth is one particular explanation why the island has a higher quantity of guests in the course of the winter months of December by means of February.

Aruba climate in August and September delivers typical higher month-to-month temperatures above 90 degrees. It drops only to 86 degrees in January and February.

Rain totals about two.five inches in October and December and exceeds 3 inches in November. But the typical rain is nevertheless effectively under most other Caribbean destinations, some of which obtain as a lot as 10 inches a month in September and October.

Anybody wanting to get best circumstances will locate that Aruba climate in January by means of July will offer the ideal odds for a comfy go to. The greater temperatures in August and September will make buying, hiking and other outside activities extra uncomfortable.

Climate in October, November and December is much less than best due to the fact of greater rainfall and the uncommon possibility of a hurricane or tropical storm. But the danger of a hurricane is low sufficient and the rainfall is moderate sufficient compared to the rest of the Caribbean that vacationers will nevertheless face favorable odds with the climate.

The ideal time to go ranges from late winter although late summer season.